We are delighted to introduce Pondara
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6 October 2023

We are delighted to introduce Pondara.

Pondara is not only our trademark, the AI assistant we build for you but is also a reflection of our mission, our values, and our promise to clients.  Here is the story about Pondara.

Pondara is the forgotten sister of Pandora, and is the universe's embodiment of peace and equilibrium. Whereas Pandora, fuelled by her insatiable curiosity, released chaos into the world, disturbed more than just the lives of mortals and disrupted the very fabrics of existence.

In a secluded corner of the world, untouched by time and hidden from mortal eyes, lay a pond of unparalleled tranquillity. This pond, known to ancient spirits as "The Mirror of Eternity," had always reflected the cosmos in its serene waters, unblemished and undisturbed.  It was a testament to the world's innate balance and order.  However, as Pandora's actions sent shockwaves through the cosmos, ripples began to form on this pond's once-still surface.  With each pulse of chaos, the pond's waters swirled and shimmered, mirroring the universe's tumultuous state.  But this disturbance was not to go unchecked.

From the very heart of these turbulent waters, a luminous form began to rise.  It was Pondara.  Born from the pond's essence and the universe's desire for balance, she emerged with the grace of a swan and the resolve of a guardian.  Her hair flowed like liquid silver, her eyes held the depths of her watery domain, and her aura exuded calmness.

Determined to counteract the chaos that her sister had unleashed, Pondara travelled the world, following in Pandora's wake.  Wherever there was disorder, Pondara's presence would bring a soothing calm.  Where there was confusion, she offered clarity.  And where risks threatened to overwhelm, she illuminated the path to balance and safety.

With time, the legends of Pondara spread.  While Pandora's tale served as a warning of unchecked curiosity, Pondara's story became one of inspiration.  It reminded civilizations of the ever-present equilibrium, waiting patiently beneath the chaos, ready to emerge and restore order.

Today, in a world inundated with information and challenges, Pondara stands as a beacon of hope, guiding all towards wisdom and balance.


Yours sincerely,

Joseph Fu and Dominic Fu


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